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"SOGAchannel Ni Youkouso!"

FAQ you #

¿Cómo funciona "kusaba"?

Lo que sigue a continuación son preguntas frecuentes de uso de este sistema para webmasters. Todavía no está traducido y no sirve de mucho para el usuario casual. Pero creo que con un poco de intuición aprenderemos todos a manejarlo.

PD: Ahora que he actualizado Kusaba a la última versión de Kusaba X este texto está más desactualizado aún. LOL!

I need help with _______.

If you feel like your question is something which could easily be answered, chances are it probably already has been. Check the following:
  1. The Wiki
  2. /sup/ - Support
If you still can not find an answer, ask in /sup/.

There's no entries in my menu!

See above.

I don't know how to make a moderator/administrator post!

See above.

My feet smell like some odd type of cheese, and I don't know how to get rid of that stink!

See abo--
Sorry, I can't help you with that.

I'm running wakaba, is there any way I can retain my posts and still use kusaba?

Yes! Click the W2K link in the menu on the left for instructions.

I'd like to suggest _______.

First, check that it hasn't already been added in the ChangeLog. If not, post it in /sug/, and I'll have a look at it.

Does kusaba come with advertisements?

No. The kusaba script is advertisement-free, ads are only displayed here at

What is with the advertisements?

I need the money which they generate to pay the hosting bills, and the rest goes towards a mutual fund which I am going to purchase and then later use for college expenses not covered by my scholarships.
If you find them annoying, you will find relief in the Adblock Plus Firefox extension.

When did kusaba start?

Some time in July of 2006.

I'd like to help out in some way, what can I help with?

I can always use more styles for imageboards, or even text boards. If you do submit a style and I approve of it, it may not be included by default in the style switcher. However, I will bundle it with every further release, and anyone can choose to place it in the switcher.

If you are well with Javascript, I need help in making kusaba's Javascript-dependant features cross compatible with browsers and other operating systems. I develop mainly for Firefox 2.0 under a Windows system, and try to maintain compatibility with IE and Opera as well, however not everything works with either of them. If you can help make the script more compatible, have an improvement on an existing feature, or have a completely new feature you'd like to have implemented, post about it in /c/.

If you would like to help out with programming, or want to work on the HTML output (such as how the manage panel is formed), post in /c/. If you want to help with programming, you'll need to first look over the code in the SVN repository, which houses the development (bleeding edge) version of kusaba. If you are accepted, you'll be given access to this repository, and will submit all modifications to it. The repository ensures that all developers are working from the same files, and also allows file difference problems to be resolved easily.

If you'd like to help out in some other way, post it in /c/.

Your script sucks, and I want to tell you it sucks!

/c/ is the place for you.

how do i shot web?

i dunno lol